• Discover shop offering THE BEST PRICE on what you want
  • Install app now and start saving time and money both!
  • Paas ki dukaan se, online se behetar daam pe
  • Find shops nearby offering better than online price
  • Ab jo bhi lena hai #dekhkelo
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  • No need to hop shop-by-shop. Let PriceMap do the search

Six simple steps to save money

Step 1
Search on-line for what you want to buy.
Step 2
Share page-link with PriceMap Buyer App installed on your mobile.
Step 3
Send query to markets near you.
Step 4
Discover shops offering great deals on the product.
Step 5
Buy direct from shop offering best deal.
Get better-than-online deals!
Step 6
Upload bill on the app & get a cashback upto Rs 250/-. Conditions Apply

Use PriceMap App to get more such deals
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What is PriceMap?

PriceMap is a search engine for brick and mortar retail. With PriceMap, you can find out which shops in your neighbourhood markets are having in stock the product you want to buy and who is offering the best price. If you do online shopping, PriceMap will find a shop nearby matching or offering better than online price for the same product. PriceMap brings the convenience of on-line shopping to physical retail and breaks the myth that online is always cheaper!
Ab jo lena hai #dekhkelo

Why should you use PriceMap?

For someone wanting to shop, PriceMap saves both time and money. With the Buyer app, you can find which shop is having the product you want and offering most competitive price right on your mobile phone. You don’t have to spend hours in traffic and parking and hop shop-by-shop. Not just that, with PriceMap you are assured of best price, on-line or off-line. For someone who shops online, PriceMap will save the pain of return and refund. The app will find you a shop in vicinity matching or offering better than online price so that you can buy direct after thoroughly checking the product and get immediate delivery.

How PriceMap works?

PriceMap Buyer app is simple to use. It rides on your Google search, i.e. you search online as usual for the product you want to buy. Once you find the product on some online site, share link with PriceMap Buyer app (the app should be installed on your phone). We will figure out the product you wish to buy and send a query to relevant shops in the nearby markets. The shop keepers will revert with availability, offer price and other terms of purchase. You select the deal(s) you like and we will connect you to that shop. Please watch “How PriceMap works” video for more details.

Join the retail revolution?

If you are shop owner, PriceMap will get footfalls back into you shop. All you need to do is install PriceMap Seller (from Play Store) on your mobile and tell us the location of your shop and what product category you deal in. That’s it! No need to upload any shop inventory. You will start getting queries from customers who are looking for a particular item in your market area. Responding to a customer query on PriceMap takes less than a minute and any sales person with a smartphone can do it. PriceMap will effectively allow you to compete with any e-commerce site by offering your best deal to a customer, who would have purchased online otherwise.