#Dekhkelo : A consumer awareness campaign with Smart Buying tips from PriceMap

Consumer is the king today. They have never had a better time. They have many choices, offline and online, and are inundated with offers from brands and stores alike. Over and above that is the cashback layer. It can be thoroughly confusing as you have no way to determine if you got yourself the very best deal or not!

To help the consumer navigate his way through this maze, PriceMap will be running a consumer awareness program with Smart Shopping tips. PriceMap, as you know by now, is the only platform which enables you to do a fare comparison between online and offline deals. Our promise of “paas ki dukaan se, online ke daam pe”, helps you to consider all aspects while shopping and not just focus on price factor. Since you know the price is matched between the two channels, you can make a more judicious choice by considering other factors like authenticity of product, functionality, support from a local shop vis-à-vis telephonic support from the brand or e-portal and most important, do you really like it at first sight? There are so many factors and the list is long. The campaign is going to highlight each of the aspects over the next few weeks. So, stay tuned and “pricemap you shopping” to get the best experience.